knock mike eggsink

the snoopster is moving! I’m about 98 percent in my new home. (Please forgive my lack of offerings in the last two weeks. This move is why; I should have explained that to you all before this!)

I really shouldn’t be inviting guests yet but I just posted a story about a very unique home in the West Village (you’d find the egg sink, shown above, there). It’s owned and occupied by Mike and Lucy Grajewski — owners of the wonderful little corner eatery known as Uncle Mike’s Place at Grand and Paulina.

Mike is as unique as his home, Lucy as lovely.

So check ’em out.

My new address: simply,

I’ll be having Open House Launch Parties in September with dozens of the finest home furnishing/home accessoies stores in several different shopping districts. Invitations will be sent out soon!

Please subscribe to my new weekly newsletter, the snooplet (there’s a form on the NEW snoopster home,; just click on the beginning of this sentence), and you will definitely get invited to the soirees!

And, if you like the new home and the snoopster, PLEASE tell LOTS of your friends about it and suggest they subscribe too! The more the merrier!


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  1. Congrats on your new address!

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