Snooping with the stars

The Snoop Troop gets nosy with the bold-name crowd.
Actress Denise Vasi

Actress Denise Vasi

Why, what’s that in her living room?

When I was the editor of the House & Homes section of the Chicago Tribune, I had the nicest chat with Denise Vasi, who plays Randi Morgan on ABC’s “All My Children” and appears in a yet-to-be-released film starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel called “When in Rome.” She was sweet and sensitive. She told me all about her great Weimaraner named Blu. And she stopped me cold with two things she told me about her New York apartment: One was something she did not have in her bedroom; the other was something she did have in her living room. You’ll have to click here to read the interview as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

When one Marley is not enough
Author John Grogan and Gracie

Author John Grogan and Gracie

Shortly before the Jennifer Aniston/Owen Wilson movie “Marley & Me” opened in theaters last December, I caught up with “Marley” author (and master) John Grogan.

He was just moving into a new home in Pennsylvania and their newest pup, Woodson, was channeling Marley. (Read: Taking a wrong turn and running down to the basement, mistaking it for his restroom.)

Nonetheless, John was gracious and told me in a phone interview for the Chicago Tribune all about antique tools and reupholstered sofas. Want to know who has the eye for furniture reincarnation in the Grogan household? Click here.

Riding high in “Hollywood’s” shadow
Kenneth Brown, designer and host of HGTV's "reDeisgn" and TLC's "Over Designed"

Kenneth Brown, designer and host of HGTV's "reDeisgn" and TLC's "Over Designed"

When I chatted with Kenneth Brown, host of HGTV’s “reDesign” and TLC’s “Over Designed,” in February for the Chicago Tribune, the talented designer ( told me about life as a new father, his signature color (Sherwin-Williams Status Bronze, No. 7034) and a bit about a couple of his slight (understatement) famous clients: Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Want to know what the “High School Musical” stars’ decorating styles are like? Read on at My Snoop with Kenneth Brown as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune
brett dennen 
Crouching tiger, hidden E.T. doll
I’ve got to admit it.  I love to snoop on folks whose work makes me crazy — in a good way. A very good way. Singer/songwriter Brett Dennen is at the top of that list. Why? Because he puts poetry to music. He cares about our world and the people on it and how we treat one another.
When I snooped him for the Chicago Tribune on the eve of our 2008 presidential election, Brett graciously chatted with me as he drove from California to Seattle, telling me about his E.T. doll and how exciting it would be to be playing as we elected a new president.  (He was playing “World Keeps Turning” at the moment the words “Barak Obama’s Elected President” flashed across a huge TV screen.)
I nearly cried when I found out he’ll be performing at Summerfest in Milwaukee  on June 29 and I’ll have to miss it as I’ll be in Minnesota! If you’re not going to my cousin’s wedding, too, treat yourself to a night of Brett and his band (including one of my fave drummers, Randy Schwartz, and the dog-lovin’, keyboard-blessing Jon Solo). They’ll also be at the Rothbury Festival in Rothbury, Mi., on July 3.  Check out Brett’s web site for other shows and to hear him.
But do that in another window so you can listen as you read about the yerba mate gourds and other treasures in Brett’s Santa Monica, Calif., home at My Snoop with Brett Dennen as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune
snoop kathy ireland pic
It’s king of like a roasted peach . . . “

That’s Kathy Ireland, she of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue fame, talking about the color of her bedroom walls.   Think you’d find her bed made or unmade if you stopped by unexpectedly? I chatted with the supermodel-turned-super home-furnishings maven ( in January 08 for the Chicago Tribune.  Turns out she’s as intelligent and grounded as she is beautiful!  Whew, thank goodness I can tell you about that bed  . . .  read on at My Snoop with Kathy Ireland as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune


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