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Snooping with the stars: David Brenner

Comedian David Brenner

Comedian David Brenner

I had the loveliest chat with David Brenner about his home in Las Vegas last fall just before he came to Chicago to perform at Zanie’s. Talk about stories to tell. I didn’t get to include all of them in the article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune. One that didn’t get in that story was about his collections which includes a powerful poem written by his brother when he was battling cancer.

Besides learning about Brenner’s unique living room (you can find out about it and other things in the Philadelphia native’s home here), I got to know a very funny man who is also extremely grounded and knows to treasure the lessons life has thrown him along the way.

Want to get more virtual peeks into celebs’ homes?


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This week’s Sales + Events

Eliza Chandelier was 2495 now 1699

Don’t you love these beauties from Jayson Home & Garden? And . . . they’re . . . ON SALE! I’ve found more sales. too! Check ’em out.

Parker Table was 1995 now 1399
Rivington Chair was 1650 now 999

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Fireless fireplace continued!

Shortly after I shared a couple variations on Linda Summerfield Crispell’s summer-fireplace themes (see “Fireless fireplaces” post of July 7, 2009), I stumbled on this shimmery version thanks to blogger Tate Gunnerson, who writes the blog “Strange Closets.”

find fireplace silver

Tate found this silvery March of the Candlesticks in the pad of limey green-lovin’ Mikey and Brian, owners of the catering business Yo Soy. Check out their soulful-looking pup and their wall treatment above their fireplace. Cool!

(Oh, by the way, Strange Closets is where Tate features “weekly home tours, interviews with artists/designers and a guide to Chicago’s grooviest design shops.” In other words (gasp): The Snoopster’s competition! But friendly competition. It’s a big, beautiful, gloriously diverse design world out there!

~ Elaine Matsushita

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Fireless fireplaces

When I wrote about Linda Summerfield Crispell’s home in Highland Park, I mentioned that she hates to see an empty fireplace in the summer. Her solution: A colorful collection of salvaged croquet and billiard balls.
Linda says she doesn't like the sight of an empty fireplace in the summer. Croquet, anyone?
Linda says she doesn’t like the sight of an empty fireplace in the summer. Croquet, anyone?

We love it! You did too. But you also had some other suggestions for cool looks for this hot spot.

My friend Libby O’Dell not only suggested a fireplace candelabra, but she also sent us a picture of a lovely one from fireplacemall.com. It’s called the Spandrels Fireplace Candelabra. What do you think???

Spandrels Fireplace Candelabra from fireplacemall.com

Spandrels Fireplace Candelabra from fireplacemall.com

I like!!! (And it’s on sale now for $124.95. Several other designs are available too.)
And then, Maureen Hart suggested a beautiful vase full of blooms. From your garden or the farmers market — I’m all for it. One big-statement-of-an-arrangement. Or a lineup of several simple and bright buds. Or a big houseplant or a blooming plant. . . Here’s my stab at this idea:
Gerbera daisies from Domincks. Beautiful fireplace from my dear friend Joanie Goldberg.

Gerbera daisies from Domincks. Beautiful fireplace from my dear friend Joanie Goldberg.

find fireplace detail 

Got other ideas??? Let me know!


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Knock, knocking in Wicker Park


Who lives in this well-guarded Queen Anne in Wicker Park?
Knock, knock . . .
Who’s there: Nick and Carol Sommers, Chico, their Havanese pup, and two cats, Sasha and Peaches.

Funny, I was drawn to this Queen Anne because of its warm mustard paint, meticulous detailing, leaded-glass windows and eyelet-trimmed curtains. It wasn’t until I was walking through the front gate that I spotted the huge cannon in the front yard. Honest.

The 1912 artillery, still owned by the U.S. Navy, is a hint at one of this home’s several lives (it had been an American Legion hall from 1927 to 1972). The Sommers – a Renaissance man and woman in the truest sense — can tell you about each of these lives in fascinating, fact-filled detail. (Please don’t skip The Snoopster’s slide show at the end of this post!!)


But back to the home’s cannon-ization: In the late 1920s, Nick tells me, a Polish-American American Legion Post bought the house to serve as its Legion hall. The Post brought the cannon to its current roost in 1934, and there it has remained (except for a brief tour of duty at Navy Pier during World War II) ever since.

Keep reading . . .

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What’s inside this Highland Park home where birds always greet you and billiard balls bloom among greenery?

 knock crispell welcome
Knock, knock . . .
Who’s there? Collage artist Linda Summerfield Crispell and Gar Crispell and their beauteous offspring, the lovely Lulu (her nom de Web), and her delightful bro, Deke (ditto on the alias). Oh, and I must not forget their ever-obedient Mssr. Buddy.

knock crispell exterior

Putting on a stoic front:  The Crispells’ ivory-colored home with red-brick chimney of a spine and neat, black shutters tell only part of the story that unfolds inside. That part of the story is about strong foundations and handsome and serene backdrops to a colorful life filled with rich tales, creativity, collections (yes, the collections which, more than the house’s face, drew me to this house) and a lot of love.
Please read more…


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Galleria: Deborah Reinhart / Design Odyssey

Debi Reinhart of Design Odyssey

Debi Reinhart of Design Odyssey

We are living, as Deborah Reinhart, owner of Design Odyssey, Ltd.,  puts it, in the RE moment.

A time for redesigning, rediscovering, recycling, renewing, renovating, retrofitting, reinventing, rebranding, rehabbing, reorienting, redefining.

I couldn’t agree more. You, too, I’m sure.

galleria reinhart2

New project: The criteria for this Lake Shore Drive condo was to showcase the Indian roots of this international couple with two maturing college-age daughters

Authenticity: “Antiques were used extensively to provide comfort –visual and physical — for the family and their international guests,” Deb says.
(Wait, there’s more … click here)

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