June 17, 2009
Gosh,  I’m feeling kinda all alone peering in this window, wondering: What (for your home) knocks your socks off? What project do you want to tackle? … Since I’ve moved my workspace from the Tribune Tower to my humble home, I’ve not yet got everything how I like it in my office (haha, it’s a corner of my golden-yellow bedroom!)

But I’m working at it. Found a great little filing thingie for less than $70 at Office Depot, while picking up printer cartridges (again). Want to see??

Nothing special ... but it makes me feel settled and happy. Just thought if I showed you mine, you might show me yours . . .

Nothing special ... but it makes me feel settled and happy. Just thought if I showed you mine, you might show me yours . . .

Show me what you’re working on?



You know, some things you can only ponder about for so long. And then you just have to dive in.

Well, it’s that time for me. So here I go!

Welcome to The Snoopster, a place I have been dreaming about since leaving the Chicago Tribune in April.  A place for those of us who take delight in creating surprise, interest, warmth and beauty in our homes.

The Snoopster will offer some of the things I worked on in my 14 years as editor of the Trib’s House & Homes section — virtual peeks to see How the Famous Folk Live in their homes, looks into homes we pass and wonder “What does it look like inside???” (Knock, Knock). And more.

If you’re looking for great deals and home-related events, check out the Sales + Events page.

I’ll post photos of projects by area interior designers in the Galleria. And if you’ve got a problem you haven’t been able to solve about the care or repair of something in your home, just try and Stump Me.

That’s the plan for now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Come back and check it out, OK? And let me here from you too. I’d really like that. I miss you all!

~ Elaine Matsushita

P.S. Much thanks to the brilliant and multi-talented Will Kamin for photographing The Snoopster. He gives me such hope for the future of our world.

10 responses to “Welcome

  1. Denise Joyce

    Finally got a chance to poke around here a bit. Looks great! I especially like your “fireless fireplaces”suggestions. I have candles in mine, but now I’m thinking about Mason jars and wildflowers…. Good luck with your new venture!
    p.s. Love the picture of you … and it’s so cool that Will Kamin took it! I’ll say something to Barb…

  2. joanie goldberg

    okay, elaine. awestruck. you’ve amazed me many times, but this…this…i’m at a loss for words. right. your inspiration i’d never question. as i said, you’ve amazed me–knit hats to piggy banks, jewelry to fire pits, a never-before-attempted surprise party (can i borrow your house?) to an any-length-to-trick-her baby shower (will you impersonate a marketing director?)–countless times. it’s not the ideas, creativity, format, style or writing that impressed.* these, pressure’s on, i expect. the thinking it through, attention to details, unquestionable quality, givens. no. i’m blown away by the execution. damn, girl! do you ever sleep? i can’t read as fast as you write. [maybe that says more about me…?] elaine, i’m so proud of you. and happy for you. you deserve success. looks like with this site, you’re acquiring it. don’t ever stop. right.
    hey, are you hiring writers?
    nevermind. i could never meet your deadlines.

    *the visuals i didn’t expect. wow! i’ve always appreciated your eye in your photography, but where?/when?/how? did you evolve into this?!

  3. Hi Elaine,

    It was so nice to get your connect-up link. Love the blog! My gardening efforts are now spread between my landscape design clients here in Chicago in the (mostly) spring and fall, and my garden and clients during the summer in Colorado. I’d love to share some pictures of what’s blooming out west at 9200 feet, zone 5, with 3″ of rain during the growing season. Changing locations is a great way to learn new things about plants that are hard to grow in Chicago!

    All my best

  4. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to suppress the urge to knock on front doors and ask to look around. I am happy that you are doing this for me and everyone else!

    • thanks, linda. i just knocked on a DELIGHTFULLY interesting home and family today! can’t wait to put it up and share it with you all. this knocking habit all began back in 1986 or so when i was driving around the new jersey pine barrens with my buddy jim perskie, his wife, m.j. and another friend. we saw this GREAT house and i made us stop the car and knock. it turned out the owner was a very gracious and welcoming ballet teacher who had a gorgeous, sun-filled dance studio in the back. ahhh, a habit is born…

  5. This looks great Elaine – I’m so excited for you. I could feel your emotion when leaving the Trib and so appreciated you sharing that experience. I hope this new venture brings lots of fun, excitement and learning.

  6. This looks very cool. I’d love to chat about you in a future post.. keep me updated! Jen

  7. Nancy Sundberg Abramovitz

    Hi Elaine! Wow…good for you…diving right in there. This is a great venue for you. Best of luck with it, and have loads of fun. I’ll be watching!

  8. Hi Elaine, Thanks so much for including me on your blog list. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things the ‘snoopster’ will be sharing with us…!

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